Hi there

I am one of those people who does multiple things. I help make websites easy and pleasant to use and I teach the Alexander Technique.

I have over 12 years experience crafting digital interactions. I did an MSc in Electronic Publishing (digital multimedia) at City University, London, in 2003. Since then I’ve worked in education, e-learning, charities, the private sector and public sector, both directly and through working in digital agencies.

I have been working as an independent consultant since 2013.

During this time I’ve continued to work with larger organisations and have added work with micro-businesses and teaching the Alexander Technique.

I’ve been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2012,  following a four year teacher training course with the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM). I am currently pursuing further training with the ITM to become a teacher trainer.

I am particularly passionate about helping people to reach their goals,  whether that means designing an intuitive digital interface or working with people who are making changes in their personal lives.

You can see examples of my User Experience Design here: ndobiecka.wordpress.com

I talk about my Alexander Technique Teaching work in detail over on Reason to Change.

And my work with micro-businesses is right here on this website.