Below is a list of the services I offer with a short description. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

A website review

This is where I assess a website to see how easy it is to read, to use and whether it is modern and up to date. This can help with checking graphic design choices – are your fonts legible or do the colours make them hard to read? Is the text big enough? Does the mobile view make sense or hide important elements?

It can also help with the language you are using – is it clear what your site is for? Are the different sections of your site named appropriately? Can I find things where I think they should be or does the content need to be re-arranged?

At the end of this I produce a list of the things that are not working and recommend changes for them.

Editing text to a web-reading style

Reading from a screen is physically more strenuous than reading from print. There are specific ways to write website text to make it easier for people to read and increase the chances of people staying to read more.

I can assess your written content, advise on the style and help you make it web-friendly.

Testing a website with your clients

The best and most useful way to see what is really working for your site visitors – and if it works for them it means the site is working for you.

Are people able to see the information you want them to? Can they easily take action to contact you or make a purchase? Does your carefully crafted message resonate with your people?

Working in partnership

I can do all of these things independently but I think the best situation is where we work together to get clear on your proposition and craft a site which aligns with it.

At the end of a project I would like you to understand enough about how your site is put together so that you know how to change it to achieve your goals, and so your customers can achieve theirs. I also want you to be able to update your website’s text and menus.

Working together this way also means that you have seen your website grow and you have shaped it with my assistance.


Websites evolve with you as you and your business evolve. This means continuously improving your site. I can show you the straightforward methods that you can use to keep maintaining your online presence. Your website is such a critical business tool, I think it is important for you to own it.

If you’d like to work with me on any of these things, please get in touch