About Nicola

I’m a designer, researcher and teacher.

The common themes linking my work are human psychology and behaviour, and importantly, being humane. Being humane with ourselves, businesses, products, services and in what we design.

In my design work I follow a process which helps people find out which products and services to offer and how best to design them functionally and aesthetically.

I work with a variety of people from small independent business owners to large organizations like RBS, the Scottish Government, Skyscanner and Edinburgh University.

I teach and mentor independent business owners on the research methods they can use to make their websites, services and products more successful.

I also teach a process of personal development which clarifies and simplifies both your thinking and your movement, in the form of the Alexander Technique.

I have a BA (hons) in German and Psychology; an MsC in digital multimedia and am a certified teacher in the Interactive Teaching Method approach to teaching the Alexander Technique.