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Humane design and education

Online internal newsletter 2004-05


  • Internal news was not shared effectively so staff did not know what was current in the company.
  • A newsletter produced to print quality was being delivered over the Intranet in a PDF which could not be easily read from screen.
  • Articles were required to be submitted by senior staff and were very heavily edited to fit a very small section of the PDF newsletter, without a review process.
  • Non-managerial staff could not submit articles.
  • Trust in news quality was low.
  • Process of producing news was not trusted.


  • Collaboration with Head of Marketing, Editor, Head of Information Services and Software Developer.
  • User interviews (online and face to face) to gather requirements from across the company
  • User testing to refine interface designs
  • Phased replacement of PDF newsletter with an online publishing and delivery medium which formed the central part of the new company Intranet.


  • Created editorial process and group and took part in editorial cycle, writing and editing articles.
  • Wrote articles and guidelines on writing for the web.
  • We produced a newsletter which all staff could contribute to and they did so willingly and eagerly.
  • Changed the company culture, promoted knowledge sharing and communication.