DRS, Data and Research Services internal online company news

Online internal newsletter 2004-05 Challenges Internal news was not shared effectively so staff did not know what was current in the company. A newsletter produced to print quality was being delivered over the Intranet in a PDF which could not…

Open University content authoring tool

Content Authoring Tool for e-learning course authors and publishers 2010 A department of The Open University was producing bespoke e-learning courses for businesses. There were inefficiencies in the course production process which led to courses taking longer than estimated to produce…

Design and build a new Company Intranet 2004-07

DRS Data & Research Services Intranet


  • Company Intranet content was out of date and therefore not used.
  • Information was organised in a way which reflected historic responsibilities. If you didn’t know the history of company and its changes it was difficult to find information.
  • It was not easy to update content.
  • The design and layout were different for each department’s section giving a disjointed user experience.
  • The company’s Staff Handbook was print-only and updates had to be printed and circulated to all staff.
  • Company news was not fully integrated with the intranet and internal communication was negatively affected.